Back Coating Machine

Back Coating Machine

Back coating machine
1,for the back painting of the solid wood floor
2,prevent water leaking from back to floor

This machine is specially designed for the back painting of the solid wood floor, it can finish coating and drying itself, that is single coating roller coating, and then double-lamp UV drying, If the groove of the board is too deep and narrow, brushing the paint can be chosen.


The paint on the back side of the solid wood floor can be blocked out more then 80% ,if the machine is used correctly, also can prevent water leaking from back to floor and the floor board will not be deformation. If the sides of the floor board are painted, the effect of moistureproof will be better.

Technical Parameter:

Model BT-600 BT-1000 BT-1300
Width of cloth-coating mm 600 1000 1300
Speed of Feeding m/min 5~30 5~30 5~30
Motor power of feeding kw 0.75 0.75 0.75
Size of cloth-coating roller mm Φ150x750 Φ150x1150 Φ150x1450
Power of lamp kw 5.6 x 2 8 x 2 9.7 x 2
Power of blower kw 0.75 1.5 1.5
Total power kw 12.7 17.5 20

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